June 24-26: Inner Sanctuary Training – A Delphi University Course

Posted by on May 17, 2016

When Spirit Calls, Inner Sanctuary provides the answer“~Delphi University

Inner Sanctuary Training Course Description

Inner Sanctuary Training is life training from Delphi University. What you learn here will become a foundation from which you can build and design the life you want to live. The Inner Sanctuary Training establishes the sacred space within where you can go to receive spiritual insight and answers to your questions, release negative thoughts and feelings, restore balance and vitality, manifest your creative ideas, and strengthen your sense of purpose. Your sacred work in the Inner sanctuary continually brings greater light, love, wisdom and peace into your life and your world. Inner Sanctuary Training is Inspiring, Life Transforming, and Enlightening.

Through Inner Sanctuary Training you will:

  • Learn How to Meditate reliably and effectively for noticeable results
  • Open your Spiritual Vision
  • Create a relationship with your Higher Self
  • Build your own Inner Sanctuary
  • Direct your life choices from Wisdom and Love
  • Establish an inner atmosphere of peace
  • Release Negative Emotions and Physical Stress
  • Manifest your Goals and Dreams

June 24th-26th, 2016

$300 for 3-day comprehensive training taught by Steve Smith, Delphi University Instructor, Spiritual Advisor.  Upon completion of the course you will receive your Inner Sanctuary Training Certificate