Meditation Monday 2/29: Meditate with Higher Power

Posted by on Feb 21, 2016

Lee-200Lee Watters MS, spiritual coach and counselor, will lead a channeled meditation guided by Higher Power.  There will be opportunities for you to converse with Higher Power, as well.

What is channeling?  Lee describes it this way:  “It’s simply a conversation between you and Source/Higher Power/God.  I am fully present during the session, rather than entering a trance state,” Lee says.  “As you meditate on or verbalize questions and comments, I receive blocks of thought from Source for you.  I translate those in the moment into words and concepts that are easy to understand and apply in your life.  It feels like any other loving and meaningful discussion, yet can be powerful and life-changing.”

Please join us at 7:15pm, Monday, February 29.  The fee is $20.

Seats are limited to 12, so please click on the Buy Now link below to reserve your spot.