Priscilla Howick

Meet Rev. Priscilla Howick

Rev. Priscilla H. Howick has been in the field of Spiritual practice in the Jacksonville area for 26 years.  She holds a Masters of Divinity in Pastoral Care and Counseling; is a Board Certified Chaplain through The Association of Professional Chaplains; and is in the process of obtaining Certification in Palliative Medicine.  In addition, Priscilla recently trained in energy medicine through Reike and Shamanic traditions

No matter what your religious tradition or spiritual practice, there are times in life when what we believe and how we experience the world are challenged and we experience Spiritual Distress.  Often, people feel knocked off of their secure foundations and start to question themselves, their relationships and purpose or meaning in life.  While often uncomfortable, and even painful, these “Dark Night of the Soul” experiences hold the greatest opportunity for Spiritual growth and deepen our relationship with ourselves and God.

Priscilla has been employed by The Mayo Clinic Jacksonville for over 23 years as their Coordinator of Chaplain Services.

If you would like to meet with Priscilla, she is available by appointment only.  Sessions are $100 per hour.

Please call Florida Pathways to Health ( 904) 992-9930 to make an appointment.