Grief Counseling

This form of therapy is about coming alongside the one who is hurting. As no one person is the same, neither is how each person grieves and how the individual resolves the emptiness. In grief counseling, I work with clients to provide support and understanding as you move through the personal process of envisioning life without the loved one. Grief counseling is never about minimizing the loss you are experiencing, and it is never about minimizing you as a person. Even if you are still grieving over a loss many years ago, I will meet you where you are, and help guide you through the next step, towards a better life, moving through this time of pain and being able to find some joy in your life again. We will address any unresolved areas of life that may be making the grieving process more difficult. Ultimately, through grief counseling, I want to see you, the client, find a sense of enjoyment and purpose in life that both honors the memory of what is lost, but also allows you to continue to invest in life and the relationships in your life.

Cost of psychotherapy sessions- $150 per 50 minute session

Grief Group Therapy:

This is a process- oriented psychotherapy and support group for individuals who have or are experiencing a significant loss. The primary goal of the group is to provide members with a space to engage in their individual grieving process. Group members will be offered a safe place for expression, reflection, exploration, as well as support for coping with the loss. Dr. Fenton will be facilitating the group. It is a closed group that meets biweekly for 8 weeks. Groups run 2 times per year.

Cost of each session-$30 per 90 minute session


Induced After Death Communication is an adaptation of EMDR pioneered by Dr. Allan Botkin, PsyD as part of his work with the Veteran’s Administration treating veterans diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). IADC has expanded to all individuals suffering from grief and loss over the past 20 years. IADC therapy directly targets the emotions of sadness and guilt attached to unresolved grief through which Dr. Botkin termed Core-Focused therapy.

Treatment consists of the therapist and client working together to focus on all aspects of the Core sadness surrounding the loss. Series of eye movements are administered while the client focuses on the negative emotions surrounding their loss. The goals of the therapy session are twofold: Accessing and processing residual grief, sadness and guilt, which helps reduce the negative effects of the loss, and helps induce a state of mind whereby the client may be more receptive to the phenomenon commonly referred to as the ADC or After Death Communication.

Dr. Fenton was trained and certified in IADC by Dr. Allan Botkin and is currently involved in an ongoing independent IADC research study. Sessions are two hours in length and begin with a thorough intake.

Cost of psychotherapy sessions- $150 per 50 minute session